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Airline licence number 9, the first Bushies F27 schedule flight, Change of Twin Otter livery from TAA to BPA colours  

Following is an extract from Ron Entsch’s book “Bushies”

The F27 hire agreement (with Ansett) was signed on 20 October, 1980.

Having completed the necessary training and implementation of procedural manuals, under the very close scrutiny of DoT, Airline Licence No. 9 was issued on 24 October 1980. This was the first airline licence to be issued in thirty- two years, the last one having being granted to East- West Airlines in 1948.

Three days later, BPA’s first flight operated from Cairns to Groote Eylandt and return.

  1. 1.       Staff function at Cairns Airport

On the weekend before the first airline flight, management organised a staff function at the BPA passenger terminal and Bushies Bar to celebrate the occasion.Founding Director Bev Anning, emptied a glass of Champaign over the nose of the aircraft and the function continued into the night.Some of the celebrations were captured on a Super 8 home movie camera (no sound) and can be viewed on the attached DVD.

  1. 2.       First Bushies F27 schedule flight

The first F27 flight was to Groote Eylandt. It was under the command of Trevor Congram and the Ansett training pilot Paul Lomas. Various BPA staff were passengers on the flight. Can you recognise them?

  1. 3.       Twin Otter- change of livery

Introduction of Twin Otters in 1983. The Twin Otters were changed from the TAA colours to the BPA colours