Bushies 10 year club.

The following Staff who had served ten years or more with Bushies (as per the Inaugural 1979 List and the later 1985 one) were members of the Ten Year Club.  The Club was established to recognise and to record appreciation for long service with the company.  A few of these members had served for twenty years or more.  When the company ceased operating on 30th April 1988 many staff transferred to Australian Airlines and the remainder took redundancy packages.


Helmut Jesse
Gerry Scannell
Col Whyte
Harry Wightman

Alan Ashton
Mike Barker
Chris Braund
Terry Doyle
Don Jackson
John Newman
Col Shedden

Ron Entsch
Sir Sydney Williams

Geoff Cranwell (Ground Staff/Operations Controller)
Lionel Dyer (Engineers/Ground staff/Management)

Alan Ashton
Mike Barker
Rod Bruce
Charlie Batticiotto
Anne Benson
Geoff Carrol
Owen Capp
John Cleary
Trevor Congram
Lyle Cooke
Graham Copelin
Geoff Cranwell
John DeVries
Terry Doyle
Lionel Dyer
Ron Fuller
Eamon Gaffney
Frank Gil
Pat Harrington
George Ivanov
Don Jackson
Ian Jackson
Graham Jeffries
Helmut Jesse
Russ Keanelley
Bill Kelman
Jan Lassen
Bob Lewis
Stan Lewis
Graham Lingard
Alan Martin
Bruce Maskiell
Jim McGowan
Phil Melville
Ian Miller
Chris Nelson
John Newman
Bob Norris
Raimo Peltohaka
Reg Perkins
Sue Ryan
Terry Scanlan
Gerry Scannell
Colin Shedden
Kevin Shorthouse
Alec Smith
Murray Smith
Wendy Walsh
Ken White
Col Whyte
Sheila Wilhelm
Brian Williams
Sir Sydney Williams