VH-BPL lands at the Qantas Founders Outback Museum.

When John Gunn wrote his book The Defeat of Distance, about Qantas between wars, little did he know that that title could easily be applied to the transport of a former Qantas DC3 (C47) from Sydney to Longreach to join the Qantas Founders Outback Museum (QFOM) recently.

When John Williams donated his DC3 VH-BPL, to the QFOM, he gave the museum a worthy addition to its collection.  The 60 year old Douglas airliner not only logged 34,000 hours but had been a Qantas aircraft for a number of years. The machine started in 1942 as 42-93009 with the USAAF. Later it went to the RAAF as A65-44 and after the war became VH-EAP and later VH-EPY with Qantas. In 1960 the aircraft joined TAA as VH-SBG and by 1981 it was VH-BPL with Bush Pilots Airways of Cairns. It made its last flight in January 1993 when it flew into Hoxton Park near Sydney.