Bushies/Air Queensland Facebook group.

In December 2012 a Bushies/Air Queensland Facebook Group was established. In December 2020 there were 145 members representing most areas of the company.

This is a “closed group”, which in Facebook means non-members can’t see what has been posted although they can see who the members of the group are. Therefore you have to register to join the group and be accepted before you can view the posts.

Requests can be sent via our Facebook page, or searching for Bushies/Air Queensland in Facebook.

The introduction to the Facebook group states:

This group is for former staff members, agents and suppliers who worked for Bush Pilots Airways (BPA)/Air Queensland which operated in Queensland from 1951 to 1988. The purpose of the group is to share memories and photos and to communicate any reunions or events. Partners of the above and immediate family can also join. All must use their own name and not group or organisation names, so they can be easily identified.

Further information and photos about Bush Pilots and Air Queensland can be found in the book “Bushies: A history of Bushies – Air Queensland” written by Ron Entsch and on this website.

If you wish to receive emails about Bushies events and reunions contact Lionel at
bushiesinfo@gmail.com to be added to the email list.

This Facebook group is constantly changing as people post new comments and photos. As one member suggested, the group is “much like an electronic Bushies Bash”, a place to catch up and share stories.

If you know of any former staff who may be interested in joining please share the link.

If you don’t wish to join Facebook, but have stories or photos to share, they can be emailed to owenbpafacebook@gmail.com to be included.

It is amazing that more than 30 years after the closure of Bushies, we still have such strong connections and friendships as well as great memories of our days with Bushies. Thanks to all those people who make it happen.