The BPA aircraft story.

Bushies first aircraft was a third hand fabric covered piston engined de Havilland DH90 Dragonfly manufactured in 1936 which they bought in 1951.  Their last aircraft purchased was a pressurised turbo prop Aerospatiale ATR42 introduced brand new in 1986 (50 years after the first one was manufactured).

Bushies and Air Queensland operated around 93 aircraft of 23 different types over their 37 years in the aviation business.  They started off as a small country charter company and ended up with a full airline licence operating regular public transport routes throughout Queensland and to the Northern Territory.  In between they ran mail runs to Cattle Stations, Mining Camps and small townships, scheduled Commuter routes between various cities and towns, freighter runs (sometimes carrying DC3 loads of prawns or beer!) and Tour flights throughout Australia.  They also operated Coastal Surveillance flights for the Australian Government for a number of years.